Friday, 20 January 2012

09 Nov 2011 - Australian Crohn’s sufferers urged to take part in worldwide research into new treatment

I just found this article when searching Google for 'Australia Crohns'.
Here are some of the highlights:

Australians suffering from the debilitating bowel condition, Crohn’s disease (CD), are being invited to participate in a worldwide study to assess a potential new treatment which could alleviate symptoms and improve their quality of life.

The study, conducted by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is seeking at least 30 Australian patients with moderate to severe CD, a condition that affects more than 28,000 Australians and is difficult to manage.

Professor Lawrance said the potential new medicine could make life much easier for patients and could possibly be more cost-effective than current treatments.

“An oral medication has the potential to be cost effective as some sufferers may not need to come into hospital, take up beds and have IV (intravenous) drips. "

  To be eligible to participate in the study, patients need to be over 18 years, have a confirmed diagnosis of CD and currently be in an active disease flare.

Those interested in seeking further information about the study can phone the national toll free number 1800 800 285 or visit

My GI wanted m e to take Prednisolone then Humira and then Remicade.  He gave me heaps of information about these drugs including fancy brochures and DVDs.  The DVDs showed many happy users of these drugs who'd had their lives changed by taking them.  I think that's great, but what about the long term effects of these drugs?  There was no mention of those.

I'm happy that I found SCD and am treating this condition naturally.  Yes, I'm at the end of my 3 month flare, but I've got through it and it was nowhere near as bad as my super huge flare.  I actually feel quite good. :)

So, no, I won't be taking part in the study.  We need more in depth studies on managing IBDs with SCD.

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  1. Be very careful as a flare can be fatal as your bowel can rupture I have an ileostomy (which saved my life)as my large bowel fell apart so I speak from experience.