Monday, 16 January 2012

IBD - Serious Business

This should read: IBD - Serious Business! 
Well, I think I've worked out that Crohn's is a serious disease.  Can anyone else relate to being in denial about this disease?  I read somewhere that when you are diagnosed you go through the stages of grief- one of which is denial.  I didn't deny that I had the disease, just that I would need to stick with the SCD for too long before I was all healed.  I guess I just thought I'd be right without making ALL the hard changes.  So, I had some rice crackers one day and a few chips the next and maybe a potato the next.  And I seemed to get away with it!  
Today my husband spoke to a mutual friend we hadn't seen in a few months and mentioned that I have Crohn's.  She was devastated for me as she has a friend with the disease who tried to manage it with diet but ended up having 1/3 of her colon removed.
It just brought home home that I shouldn't be mucking around with my innards.  I need to get this inflammation reduced and as quickly as I can, so I don't get permanent scarring.
I'll be a very serious SCDer from now on, I promise.

ps.  The magnesium tablets worked and I slept through!  :)

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