Saturday, 16 March 2013


It's been a long time since I updated this Blog.  Busy, busy, busy is how we all are.  I'm loving life with my family; spending time walking with my husband and watching my kids finish school and head off to Uni.  Life is good and so is my belly. :)

I've updated my story and am so pleased I'm able to say that after a year on SCD/Paleo, my intestines have healed.  I now follow a Paleo diet (no sugar, no dairy, no grains) but am able to cheat every now and again and get away with it.  It's a wonderful feeling to know I am able to each chocolate again.

I think the bacteria in our guts is a huge part of Crohn's disease.  I take a strong probiotic each day.  I also take a multivitamin, zinc, magnesium and calcium. (Also vitamin D in winter).  I still spray some colloidal silver under my tongue each day too. :)

I love to exercise and go for a couple of half hour runs each weekend.  My husband and I try to walk the dog each night after dinner; some weeks we are more successful at getting out of our recliners than others!  I wouldn't say that I am fit, but exercising really makes me feel good.

Last year while I was healing I cheated on my SCD diet twice.  Both times I put myself into a 2 week flare.  I had a really stressful time of grieving at the end of 2012 which made me flare for a month.  But I was pleased I didn't panic.  I knew what it was and what I could do to help.  I went back to eating only eggs, chicken soup and slow cooked broths, meat and veg.  I did much better without any fruit or nuts in my diet.  I still lost weight and had some hair fall out a few months later, but it was manageable and made me realise this is how my body is, but I can cope.

A great feeling.

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