Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ongoing science experiment...

Sometimes I feel like I'm an ongoing science experiment.  I read new information and change what I'm eating and see what happens.
Four weeks ago I read Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar book. It's fabulous and I learned lots, especially about fructose and sugar.  I know lots of fruit make me bloated, so I thought I'd give her regime a try; no sugar (not even fruit sugar).  The first couple of days were very difficult, but soon I learned to make treats from nuts- nut butters, nut flours and ground nuts.  I also discovered cacao butter - YUM!
The good things I learned from this book were that I can't eat too much fruit.  I also have a problem with too many nuts.  So, I'm not as bloated, but I've put on a kilo or so that I'm not happy about.
Does anyone else have great difficulty stopping at one or two treats?  Especially with fruit I'll just keep eating even though I'm full.  Similar story with nuts.  I've done some reading and it seems our bodies don't have an 'off' switch for sweet flavours and to a lesser degree, fats.
So, I guess all things in moderation would be better for me.  Not too much fruit, but not too many fats either.
I also learned I really need to stick to the SCD boundaries most of the time, or my gut bacteria gets out of balance.  On the IQS program you are allowed to eat rice malt syrup, carob and cocoa (all of which are SCD illegal).  All was good for about a week, but then things got out of control.  So back to SCD I go. :)

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  1. Hi Deb, thank you for your blog. I was diagnosed with Crohn's almost 9 years ago and I'm only now looking at a more natural way to control my disease. I was motivated by my GIs wanting me to put me on Imuran instead of Salazopyrin, which had worked well for me for years. I wasn't comfortable with the list of side effects so finally got motivated to try something else. I read The Paleo Diet by Robb Wolf and was inspired to give that a try. After being on the Auto-immune protocol of the Paleo Diet since Nov. 2014, plus eliminating caffeine all this year (which I read about on this site) I went from inflammatory markers at 724 to 27(normal is between 0 - 50)! My doctor was amazed and was even asking me about the diet changes I made. So thank you for your blog!
    P.S. I too have been eating way too much fruit and nuts. When I'm home I just can't stop going back for more, then I suffer the consequences the next day. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one! I hope after reading this post that I can be motivated to control my constant nibbling!